Oktober 2018

We want to have some fun for/with the children. Often heard. 

We need a fun activity. Frequently heard. 

It should be fun. Let’s do music. Inescapable

Well the problem is: fun does not exist. Something might be fun, might be funny, has the potential of delivering some fun, but fun itself is non-existent. It is always about something.

Most of the music lessons/sessions in preschool (music) education should be fun. As a sole motivation for it to be worth anything at all. It needs to be advertised as fun because parents/carers might not come when it has not the explicit promise that it will be fun.

That is not to say that preschool music education should be without fun.

To use fun as a condition for participation, creation and organisation, is the other way around. Organisation, creation and as a result participation, might provide the conditions, when well underpinned, to have as a possible end result fun. Fun that is generated by something that is pedagogically and musically interesting and supports musical growth.