Mei 2012

Often we say that the children should be motivated to participate in a music lesson. But what do we exactly mean by motivating? Connecting to their interests and level of development are important in this process. The musical activities should be understandable and “doable” in terms of motor actions. The objects used should support the musical development aims that we have described in advance. Nevertheless, these are all means to an end: to stimulate the participation of the children in a certain direction. In itself this is not at all a bad thing, but we do have to realise that motivating is a nice term we use to stimulate the children to do what we want. Therefore the way we present our musical development plan – implicitly of course, you do not give every two-year-old a handout with the lesson aims when they arrive – needs to be solidly underpinned. The motivational process is important but involves a considerable responsibility.