Mei 2012

The topic Movement seems to appear left and right as a sort of new credo for development in all areas, often emphasizing  the need for music education because there a lot of movement is used. But movement is not the aim of musical development, it is a prerequisite for musical growth. An important difference. Also the opposite, learning to control your body and to sit still, is overlooked. During an early childhood music education lesson a boy was  running around and he was not paying any attention to what was going on in the group. A present adult said “he needs to move”.   Yes, movement is important but not all the time! A good music lesson always has a good balance between big movements and small movements. (No movement is rare because music implies movement.) Moreover, music lessons can help the children to control their impulses and to focus their attention. I prefer to call this self-determination, having control over your body instead of the other way around.

I do understand the need and necessity of lots of movement for young children, boys AND girls. Putting them behind computers and taking down play grounds (for whatever unreasonable safety reasons) does not help. Focussing attention more on children’s heads than their bodies by starting formal learning sooner and sooner is not helping either. In short: music education cannot compensate for the movement needs, that other environments sadly neglect.