Preschool Music Education is not

Mei 2017

Haarlemmerolie and most certainly not music therapy. It is not a nice hour of free running and it is not lunch time. It is Art Education, with aesthetic desires. 

Haarlemmerolie (oil from Haarlem) is an old expression, meaning that something is good for literally everything (with the impossibility of this in mind). Music therapy is a totally different field with specialist training - you need to know a lot! - and a different way of approaching things. Working with special groups that need a special form of musical care is the domain of music therapists. Some people see overlaps between the two fields. However, this does not justify any untrained ‘branching out’ to either side. Movement, running is important for young children (see movement), however a music lesson is not a gym lesson or physical training session. Eating and drinking - except with exorbitant temperatures of course concerning drinking - has special designated moments and locations. (See this blog for some solid advice The silent tragedy affecting today’s children.) Next blogs about what Preschool Music Education might be then.