Maart 2017

There seems to be an all or nothing attitude towards teaching, the concept, the practice of teaching, in preschool music education. Even some form of either with or against is detectable. The concept teacher led practice is under heavy fire and that is most unfortunate. It is an approach towards teaching in pme-practice (preschool music education) and should not be thrown out because of the word teacher or any other simplified reason. 

Often teacher led practice is associated with product driven methods and single ways of doing things. In most cases it is critiqued for not listening to the children themselves. And the solution is to let the children lead. However, this is a rather simplistic view. Why one or the other? 

Although I do not know what the Dutch approach (Music on the Lap) in early years music education at the moment is doing in her training,  it used to have a very good evaluation of the process. The teacher is teaching (teacher-led if you cannot resit the term)  but with a firm emphasis on process. Implicating that multiple modes of offering were in use. Though expanded, updated and underpinned by contemporary research and methods, I still use them, to the advantage of the children. One then does not need to exclude the other. Secondly, there is amply room for the children to express themselves freely in so-called teacher-led practice. Very much depending on the pedagogy used. Instead of using the word teacher-led, perhaps it might be better to think of teaching. Of offering the children something that is interesting. Something they  can take with them. 

Defining what teaching actually is in preschool music education is most likely preferable to bluntly discard it as being child unfriendly.